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Overcome boarders and
connect opportunities

On the road to sustainability: this is what the Hybrid capsule is all about.

Traditional manufacturing and

Méliné Hybrid bases its philosophy on the combination of two diversities: combining traditional production processes with those of high technological standards, with deep respect for the surrounding environment.

sporty, casual and
sustanaible style

At least 60% of the leather upper is made from waste material from tanneries. The soles and insoles are also made from high-performance recycled material.

Saving of 40%
of carbon dioxide emissions into the air

For the production of the Hybrid capsules, less than 70% of chemicals usually needed, less than 60% of electricity and less than 95% of water are used, compared to the amount needed for a square meter of leather normally used for the production of shoes.

Over your limits

Méliné Hybrid has crossed the boundaries of fast fashion to open up to fashion in a sustainable way without losing personality. What are you waiting for?